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I've been thinking about Jose Fernandez a lot the last few days.

- I was surprised to see Ben Lindbergh at Baseball Prospectus react so positively to Fernandez's "process." However, in this context, I think Lindbergh was more interested in the process of how Fernadez recorded his outs against the Mets - plus fastball, plus breaking ball - than the Marlins' process to put him in the big leagues.

- Folks who agree with me that the Marlins' decision to promote Fernandez was wrong: Jim Callis at Baseball America, and Joel Sherman in the NY Post, who contrasts the Marlins' decision with the Mets' prudence with respect to Zack Wheeler.

- In the Wall Street Journal, Michael Salfino compares Fernandez to other pitchers who made spectacular debuts and went on to win Cy Young awards.

- Perhaps most damning, the Marlins' blog Fish Stripes hates the move:

The Marlins essentially valued five of Fernandez's 2013 starts over all of his 2019 season.

No matter how good Fernandez is in 2013, that decision is still incorrect.


No matter how good Fernandez's 2013 season is, the Marlins have already made the wrong decision, and there still is no justifying the move when you take into account the financial implications.


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