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At ESPN yesterday, Keith Law took a bunch of Mets questions, and it turns out he's not a Cesar Puello fan.

Mitch (NJ): Between Puello, Dykstra, Boyd, Plawecki, D'arnaud and Flores, which Mets prospect do you want to see most at MLB level?

Klaw: D'Arnaud, Plawecki, Flores, in that order. Not a big Puello fan, and last night didn't help.

Law saw Puello at the Eastern League All-Star Game where he took something like two pitches in four plate appearances. 

More Puello follow-up:Bill (Stroudsburg, PA): You mentioned Puello not having a good night. How much does a given night affect your view of a prospect? I'm sure even guys like Harper and Trout, if caught on the wrong day, would look bad from time to time...

Klaw: It's not about performance, though. A player can go 0 for 4 and look good, or go 4 for 4 and look bad.

sean (ny, ny): What's the ceiling on Puello and Syndergaard? Also, for Puello do you think he can adequately play CF in the majors? Thanks.

Klaw: Puello's an extra OF. I'll write more on Noah after I see him Sunday.

The Parnell Trade QuestionJason (NYC): Hey KLaw, If you were the GM of the Mets would you take the best offer for Parnell, hold on to him, or trade him only for a top prospect like Jackie Bradley Jr.? Perhaps more accurately, what is the value of a closer?

Klaw: Trade him. Closers are fungible. You can always make more.


Jayce Boyd

Chuck (Cold Spring Harbor, NY): Is Jayce Boyd a prospect or a college guy doing the A-ball thing?

Klaw: Old for his level.

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