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Bartolo Colon cleared waivers (Fox Sports, August 25), meaning he can now be traded to any team.

However, teams do not seem interested in meeting Sandy Alderson's asking price, considering Colon 's $11 million salary in 2015...

7:09 p.m.: “I would say right now there’s a lot less going on than some people speculate,” Sandy Alderson said Thursday, in regards to whether the team might trade Bartolo Colon before the end of the month.

Aug. 28, 6:27 am: The Royals haven't been in touch with the Mets of late (Heyman, Aug. 27) and the Dodgers are not nearly as interested in acquiring Colon as had been first reported (Gammons, Aug. 28).

The Angels considered trying to trade for Colon, but Los Angeles continues to feel the cost in prospects and salary are too much (Daily News, August 26). Angels owner Arte Moreno doesn't want to spend beyond the luxury tax, which will limit how much of Colon's salary his team is willing to take on (Fox Sports, August 27).

The Mets were recently willing to pay up to $2 million of Colon's 2015 salary in order to help facilitate a deal (Daily News, Aug. 25). However, they are also comfortable keeping him and exploring trades again after the season, since they feel he could have more value this winter when compared to other pitchers on the free agent market (Newsday, Aug. 24).

According to Martino, the Mets hope to acquire a decent return in prospects, as well as salary relief, in any deal for Colon(Daily News, August 26).

In July, prior to the non-waiver trade deadline, the Mets were being offered high-value prospects, but mostly guys in Double-A, according to market insiders (MetsBlog, Aug. 26).

The Pirates, Orioles (CBS Sports, July 31), Blue Jays and Mariners were said to have interest in acquiring Colon at different points earlier this summer.

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