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WFAN's Mike Francesa remains the only person reporting that the Mets made an offer to free-agent SS Stephen Drew.

The New York Post, Daily News, WEEI in Boston and former-GM Jim Bowden all cited knowledgeable sources disputing Francesa's report.

The New York Post's Joel Sherman believes the Mets will refrain from signing Drew and instead use that money to sign additional "smaller pieces," he said on MLB Network early Wednesday.

“They’re fighting over the number of years,” Francesa said (WFAN, Feb. 4). “It’s not the money. … They already offered him the money. It’s a questions of years. … I think they’re going to sign Drew, I think they’re going to sign him. I really do.”

It was reported late Tuesday that the Red Sox made a two-year offer to Drew (Bowden, Feb. 3). However, according to an on-air report from Peter Gammons, Boston is asking Drew to essentially be a utility infielder, playing shortstop, third and second base.

Drew would most likely end up a starting shortstop if signed by the Mets or Twins, who are reportedly only interested in him on a one-year deal.

Mets fans, don't get bogged down in the lingo. It's easier that way. I think what the above reports indicate is this: The Mets obviously have interest in -- and can afford -- Drew. However, they clearly don't want to go beyond a one-year deal. There are other, better free agents available next winter, and who knows what the future holds for Ruben Tejada, among other internal options...

Drew wants a three- or four-year deal. He's probably not going to get it. The Red Sox may give him two years to be a utility guy. I'm quite sure he wants to start. The question for him is: Does he sign for one year in Queens, hope to do well, but be forced to negotiate a new deal next winter with more shortstops on the open market? Or, does he take a two-year deal, be a back up in Boston, hope to get lots of playing time, then hit the market with less competition?

The only answer right now: Pray your agent, Scott Boras, can manipulate the media, fans and market enough to get the Mets, Twins or Astros to at least match or outbid Boston. Label it what you want... call it an offer... call it a negotiation... call it one-sided... In any case, so far, it seems this is still very much in progress.

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