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Keith Law has revised and upgraded his outlook on Noah Syndergaard.

From his chat at ESPN last week.

SyndergaardJeff (NY): Still Sanchez over Syndergaard? I know you go based on ceiling, but does probability start to factor in now?

Klaw (1:15 PM): No, I can't stay with that, seeing Sanchez' delivery and potential injury risk. Syndergaard doesn't have Sanchez' offspeed stuff, but he has to be as low a risk for an arm injury as any major starter prospect in baseball. Fix Sanchez and we can talk again.

The Sanchez is Syndergaard's former teammate in the Toronto system: Aaron Sanchez who had a solid year in the Florida State League in 2013.

Byron (Portland): I believe you, but I'm never going to remember that Syndergaard is the high-probability, low-risk guy and Sanchez is the opposite. Not with one of them having a name that looks like someone grabbed a handful of Scrabble tiles.

Klaw (1:20 PM): Wait until Bill Guahxq reaches the majors.

Silly Trade Ideas

Chris (NYC): Mets get Jose Bautista for Montero, Matz, and Plawecki...we close? Bautista's injuries have to be concerning.

Klaw (1:07 PM): You're not close. You're playing the delusional Mets fan.

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