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Just got done talking with the extremely enthusiastic Gavin Cecchini on the first day of position players at STEP camp. I'll try to transcribe it this afternoon.

One other nice note: Aderlin Rodriguez has lost a bunch of weight and is visibly trimmer. That's good.

In the meantime, here are some links.

1. DePo on EverythingChris McShane of Amazin' Avenue chatted with Mets VP of Amateur Scouting and Player Development Paul DePodesta about everything - spring training, the draft, his schedule, promoting prospects and more.

My two favorite things.

How the organization rates their own prospects in DePodesta's words:

I don’t think we ever rank them, like ‘this guy’s our sixth and this guy’s our seventh. What we do do is we have projections on them in terms of roles — what role we think they can fill at the major league level....What we normally do is we would attach a probability to it, also. So not just role, but ultimately what the risk is in him maybe achieving that goal. So some guys might be, hey, maybe he’s only a role player, but we have high confidence that he’s going to get there. There are other guys we say, hey, he’s got a chance to be a number two starter, but with significant risk, or he might not get out of Double-A."
How little spring training matters for Opening Day minor league assignments (McShane's words):

Instead, most decisions about where to place a player at the beginning of the year — 90 percent of them, he says — are made in September and October of the previous year.
2. Wilmer Flores, Not an OutfielderIn the New York Times the other day, Andrew Keh wrote about Wilmer Flores.

This is a quote from Keh's piece:

Would the team connect those dots and begin the process of transforming Flores, signed as a shortstop at age 16, into an outfielder?

“It’s an obvious question,” General Manager Sandy Alderson said Tuesday morning, “and we’ve considered it.”

But the team has no plans to act on it anytime soon.

The headline on Metsblog was: "Mets have considered using Wilmer Flores in OF." Teams consider things all the time. Most do not come to pass. I would have titled that link "Mets Reject Idea of Moving Wilmer Flores to the Outfield."

I've written a little bit about Wilmer's time at second base this spring here and here. His speed, or lack thereof, would be a big problem in the outfield. I think the Mets are doing the right thing by keeping him on the infield at second and third.

3. Fangraphs Mets Top 15Marc Hulet has his Mets Top 15 up at Fangraphs. It's a list. I think Brandon Nimmo is too low. I also have trouble figuring out what he prioritizes when it comes to pitching prospects. I cannot rank Luis Mateo above Domingo Tapia, which Hulet does despite putting bullpen projections on both. Tapia has a better fastball, a better changeup, and pitched at a higher level last year.

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