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1. Ranking Organizations

At, Keith Law has ranked baseball's farm systems, placing the Mets #22 out of 30.  He puts the Padres first, with Tampa Bay and Toronto following in the top three. On the Mets he said:

It's actually getting better here, but rebuilding a system takes years, and the Mets have really just begun to inject higher-upside talent into the system.
One thing that's interesting here, and this has been a developing theme recently is that although, at present, the NL East appears to be a collection of very strong teams, analysts think poorly of the state of the division's farm systems.  All five teams are in the bottom half of Law's rankings with the  Braves leading the way at #16, the Nationals at 21st, the Mets at #22. The Phillies at #25 and Marlins at #28 trail.


2. Re-Ranking Prospects

At and, Jon Mayo has released his pre-season ranking of the Top 20 Mets prospects.  I thought we'd covered this in the fall, but that was merely his ranking of the post-season Top 10 Mets prospects.  His new list adds in 2011 draftees and international players who made a splash.  His most aggressive ranking is placing Rafael Montero at #10.  So bravo for conviction.  The biggest losers from his October 2011 list are Kirk Nieuwenhuis, who drops from #4 to #11 and Jefry Marte, who dropped from #10 all the way to Mike Tyson's bolivian.

Mayo's lists are interesting - he appears to fall in love with his guys early and then sticks with them. For example, he holds Wilmer Flores at #6 in the system, and Cory Vaughn at #15.


3.  Lose-Lose

How can both teams lose a trade? At Baseball Prospectus, Aaron Gleeman discusses the Mets and Twins deal for Johan Santana for Carlos Gomez, Deolis Guerra, Kevin Mulvey and Philip Humber.

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