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- In the Wall Street Journal, Brian Costa in the Wall Street Journal takes an in-depth, honest and scathing assessment of the Mets' unfortunate landing in Vegas. Remarkably, Costa discussed the Mets' relationship with Buffalo, including the disastrous start to the 2009 season, without once using the name Tony Bernazard. Apparently, the 51s batting cage is outdoors, which is awesome for those 100+ degree days in the desert and they don't water the field enough.

- At Beyond the Box Score, Chris St. John does a nice study and finds that Baseball America does a pretty darn good job at identifying the prospects who will become baseball's top players. His summary:

"nearly 80% of the top 100 players in recent seasons were ranked in the top 100 by Baseball America. Of all the talk about failure rates (12% of prospects don't even get to the majors, only 69% fail to put up a career WAR over 10), the fine folks at BA are really good at finding the top players.
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