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- The Brooklyn Cyclones announced their 2014 coaching staff with three new members from 2013. Tom Gamboa, entering his 41st year in baseball and first with the Mets, will be the manager. Gamoa, who has been on the big league staffs with the Cubs and Royals is perhaps most famous for being the victim of a stupid attack in in Chicago, which caused permanent hearing loss. Pitching Coach Tom Signore comes to the Mets from the Blue Jays. The 52-year-old was a teammate of Mets Special Assistant to the General Manager J.P. Ricciardi's in Helena in 1985. Benny DiStefano returns to Brooklyn as a Hitting Coach after working in Savannah in 2011 and St. Lucie for the last two years. Benny is not just a solid hitting coach, he's also hilarious.

- At Amazin' Avenue, Chris McShane talked to Mets Scouting Director Tommy Tannous about the team's last two first round draft picks: Dom Smith and Gavin Cecchini. Tannous thinks both players are stronger than they were last year. McShane also posted a gallery of pictures of Mets guys throwing in spring training. Of note to me is that Miller Diaz, #29, who came to camp out of shape last year, looks really, really good.

- At the Crawfish Boxes, CRPerry argues that analysts should stop relying on K/BB ratio because the importance of strikeouts and walks are different and it does not justify putting walks in the denominator. He comes up with his own metric. I'll again point out that K% and BB% are more useful than K/9 and BB/9. The real question is now likely a pitcher or batter is likely to walk or strike out in a given plate appearance rather than per 27 outs since better pitchers will see fewer batters to record 27 outs than worse ones.

- The Toledo Mud Hens will wear Ghostbuster uniforms. Just amazin.


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