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1) Is  Terry Collins a lame duck manager >> (Andrew Keh, New York Times)

2) Collins is selling hope, again, but will Mets fans buy in to it, again >> (Ken Davidoff, New York Post)

3) There was always an air of unreality about the Mets’ pursuit of Michael Bourn >> (Schrieber, New York Times)

4) For better or worse, the players who will eventually form the Mets outfield are likely already here in camp >> (Marc Carig, Newsday)

5) It’s not easy managing for 2013 when your boss is looking at 2014 >> (John Harper, Daily News)

No, it's not easy. But, that doesn't matter. Baseball managers don't care about stuff like this. They really don't. Frankly, a good manager at any level, in any business, shouldn't care about stuff like that. The job is about managing the team you have, not the team you want or hope to have. It has always been amazing to me how clear managers in sports can be with this, regardless of team or sport. They're very focused, not just on the season at hand, but the game at hand, either because they trick themselves in to believe it, or because it's in their DNA, or because they really have no choice. In either case, it's impressive to me...

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