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This is the logo for Citi Field, unveiled by the Mets this morning from Port St. Lucie:

Jeff Wilpon, as quoted in the team’s press release…

“With the unveiling of the Citi Field logo, and the construction of our new home, we are one step closer to bringing the dream of a new home for Mets fans to reality.  This marks the start to the official countdown to our April 2009 opening of Citi Field.”

According to eyewitnesses, Omar Minaya, Willie Randolph, Carlos Beltran, Billy Wagner, David Wright, Jose Reyes and Johan Santana wore the logo on a hat while at the unveiling this morning.

i guess this is supposed to bug me, but it doesn’t…i understand the nexus of money and baseball…i just hope to never see corporate logos on the actual team hat and uniform…that’s all…otherwise, i realize it is what it is and i, as a fan, really have no say over how the team makes money…i just want them to look good while doing whatever it is they need to do…oh, and win too…that’s pretty important, as well

that said, it’s a solid logo…i don’t quite get the angle, and it feels more like a logo for a special bank account than it feels like a logo for the stadium…then again, maybe that’s the point

Update10:10 am

At his blog for the Star-Ledger, Jeremy Cothran has a picture of the hat people were wearing.

…a reader in the comment’s section wrote that the logo looks a lot like the Domino’s Pizza logo, and he’s right…which is not a good thing, if you ask me…

…by the way, to win a hat, go to cothran’s blog, as well as Steve Popper’s blog for the Bergen Record

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