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Update, 5:36 PM:

The grey jersey mentioned below is a fashion jersey sold by Majestic, and is not an official team product, as you can see by clicking here – also, the jersey has been on sale since July.

…thanks to the 20 or so people who sent in the above link during the last hour or soit is appreciated

By the way, someone should tell Adam Rubin of the Daily News, since he a post about the grey jersey on his blog as well.

Original Post:

The Sports Authority in Forest Hills, NY, is selling what appears to be an official home jersey for the Mets, in grey, with no black, and an orange and blue stripe along the collar – as you can see in the picture to the right, which was taken and sent to by Jothar.

On December 5, here, following a tour of Citi Field, I wrote how I did hear a rumor that the dark, dark grey from the stadium’s interior could eventually replace the modern black in the team’s uniform color scheme – or, could be removing the black altogether.  Perhaps this photo is it, though I am still skeptical this is actually an official jersey.

According to Jothar, ‘The color is skewed brown,’ because he used a cell phone to take the picture.  ‘The original is a lot closer to dark grey, although it does have a brown tone to the grey.’

The letters are pretty busy, too, with a grey shadow, as opposed to black.

If this is the new alternative home jersey, I’m torn.  I’m fine seeing the black disappear, since it strayed from tradition.  However, I always viewed the black as part of a new tradition, from the late-90s, Mike Piazza era, which I enjoyed.

The thing is, grey is not part of the team’s tradition either – though it is part of Citi Field, so I get the connection.

The more I look at it, if worn with white pants, it’ll probably look pretty cool.  I wonder what color hat they’ll wear?

In the end, though, I’m far more concerned with how the team performs, than the clothes on their back.  I mean, I’ll take a World Championship in grey, as opposed to a third-straight collapse in white, you know what I mean.

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