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Matthew Cerrone: Duda hit a slider Wednesday off Jeff Samardzija, which missed the target up and in. Samardzija was missing his target all day, frankly, but Duda's reactions have been so strong this year that he was able to adjust and fist it with authority over the wall in center field. Incredible job... Last year, Duda would have taken that pitch for a ball. Instead, this year, he let it fly for his 23rd home run of the season...

The question is: Can Duda do this again next season? Have the Mets finally developed a legit, long-term power threat, coming at the right time? Can he get better against left-handed pitching? Is he still a platoon-mate, or can he handle this gig by himself?

Ben Berkon: Needless to say, Duda has exceeded expectations. ...The notoriously poor fielder has even looked more nimble at first base, gloving an impressive 6 DRS (Defensive Runs Saved) over 926.0 innings. ...Yet, with Duda owning sole possession of first base, his extreme vulnerability versus left-handed pitching has only become more apparent >> Read more from Aug. 20.

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