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Lucas Duda will play first base against left-handed pitching during the remainder of the season, according to SNY's Matt Dunn.

However, Collins said Duda is still considered an outfielder going forward, but they want to see as much of him as possible as the season winds down.

Duda has hit .246 with 14 home runs and 54 RBI in 362 at-bats over 106 games this season - he is hitting .256 against left-handed pitching, .241 against right-handed pitching.

Duda is 6-for-his-last-16 with two doubles, a home run and three RBI over his last four games.

If he's still considered an outfield going forward, then why not use him exclusively there to end the season? I'm not really sure I understand what is to be gained from seeing Duda at a position the organization knows he can play, but has Ike Davis entrenched at for the foreseeable future. Duda has struggled to show command of either left field or right field, so to me,  it would seem to make sense to get him as many reps as possible in the outfield to see if there is any improvement. Unless the front office wants to use the final two weeks of the season to showcase Duda at first to interested teams as potential trade bait, I'm not sure that I see the immediate benefit to this.

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