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Peter B in New York: "What your thoughts on the Mets going after Melky Cabrera in the off-season? He is only 28 and the Mets need a lead-off hitter and solid outfielder. Many teams may bypass him because of the PED suspension, but perhaps an incentive-laden deal might bring a fresh start for him in New York, where he had some success before… maybe a poll to see what Mets fans think?"

It's hard to speculate on what it will take to sign Cabrera. I can't find any sort of consensus around the league on what his market will be like. The buzz was that he'd seek at least a three-year deal, but then he was suspended. So, who knows what impact that will have.

In a report for CSN Bay Area, reporter Andrew Baggerly says sources tell him the Giants are interested in re-signing Cabrera, despite the suspension.

"It's hard to know how much the PED use fueled his incredible 4 1/2-month run, but many in the front office continue to view Cabrera as a talented two-way player coming into his prime," Baggerly says of the Giants and Cabrera. "And now he'll be a relative bargain on the free-agent market, too."

If I had to bet, I'd say he re-signed in San Francisco. It just makes the most sense for both sides, at this point. That said, if the Giants let him go, I'd probably talk to him (if I was GM of the Mets), but I'm not going crazy to get him. He's a total enigma. I mean, is he the OK player he was for the Yankees? Or, is he the guy that hurt the Braves? Or, is he the guy that hit over .300 and looked strong at the plate the last two years? If so, what impact did PEDs have? If not, is he just a guy coming in to his prime? Or, is he someone who's simply been very lucky for two straight seasons (with exceedingly high Batting Averages on Ball in Play)? I seriously have no idea what to make of Cabrera, and I suspect most fans and teams feel the same way...

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