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Jonathan Goeringer sent in the following e-mail: "As much as I want to think [the deal between the Marlins and Blue Jays] opens the door to a trade for Travis D'Arnaud, I can't help but think this could open the door to a trade for Giancarlo Stanton as well. What do you think of this possibility as it pertains to the Mets? Would a package of Wilmer Flores, Jordany Valdespin and Jeurys Familia work for Stanton?"It makes absolutely no sense for the Marlins to trade Stanton - he is making around the league minimum and is not eligible for arbitration until next winter. Assuming he is healthy, Stanton is one of the great values in the sport with prolific power and is actually pretty good in the outfield despite his size. He is on the path to becoming an epic game changer for any lineup he is a part of. Even after he starts earning a higher salary through arbitration, he will be one hell of a value if he continues to produce at these levels. But again, it would just be an illogical move to trade Stanton, at least while he is earning the league minimum. Then again, these are the Marlins, and so anything is possible I suppose.

As far as your package is concerned, Flores and Familia would probably be an early starting point for a deal. The Mets are not at the stage where they can afford to deal too many prospects, even in a more realistic scenario for someone who is reportedly available.

In regards to D'Arnoud, Brian Erni mentioned his name on the MetsBlog Podcast last week as a possibility for the Mets. The Blue Jays acquired John Buck as part of their deal with Miami and sent Jeff Mathis to the Marlins in the process, leaving Toronto with D'Arnoud, Buck, and J.P. Arencebia. D'Arnoud is Toronto's top prospect and is said to possess everything a team would want in a young catcher: the ability to play the position at a high level all while hitting for both average and power. Catchers who project like that are hard to come by and incredibly difficult to develop considering if a catcher can hit, he is often moved from the position to preserve him for the long haul. While I would love for the Mets to be able to acquire D'Arnoud, Arencebia might be a more realistic target, and could potentially be had for less than what it would take to land D'Arnoud. In fact, the wrong move for the Blue Jays might be to trade D'Arnoud away, given his talents are so hard to come by.

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