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Josh, a reader of MetsBlog: "I'm a big fan, and I enjoy reading what you have to say about the Mets. As a fellow Mets nerd and avid follower of the team, I want to hear your thoughts on Terry Collins and his in-game decision making. Terry has gotten a lot of credit for being a good player motivator and stuff like that, but I think that has blinded people to his repeatedly questionable decision making at key moments in games. ... I'd like to hear your thoughts on this."

Honestly, Josh, I have a difficult time judging a guy's decisions when the talent is so weak. I know it's an easy excuse -- or sort of a cop-out -- but he's not a wizard. I'm not saying you're wrong. I find myself puzzled from time to time, though no more or less than any other manager or game I watch. Even if he made better choices here and there, I'm not sure it would change the outcome. Also, who knows what he's trying to do out there and why? I mean, maybe he's mixing and matching ingredients (regardless of what the book says) to try and find lightening in a bottle?

The decision to keep Terry after this season will likely be based on how he keeps his young players focused and motivated. I think if he does that, he'll be back. If he doesn't, and they drift like the end of last season, he could be gone after this season.

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