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Jacob from Australia sent this e-mail, which you can respond to in the comment sections...

"I’m a 24 year old Mets fan who lives in Adelaide, South Australia.  I’ve been an avid reader of MetsBlog for over 5 years and really enjoy your work, as well as seeing the website continue to grow & expand.   I’m sure you’re busy but I’m just after some advice.  In 2013 I’m finally heading to Citi Field along with my partner to see the Mets play!  I’ll be in New York from the 30th of March until the 13th of April which obviously means I’ll be here for the home opener & series against the Padres, as well as the following series against the Marlins.   What I’m looking to find out is how I can get the most out of my Citi Field experience.  If accessible, is it worth going to batting practice?  What parts of the stadium are great to explore?  Where do you like sitting?   I suppose I’m not after some in-depth analysis on it all, just some things/experiences you might be able to recommend to someone like myself who’s trying to make the most out of my time there."
My quick answer is: Yes, go to Batting Practice, because that time before the game is the most peaceful, cool time of day. I love the Pepsi Porch and the entire area behind center field, from the Shea Bridge to Shake Shack (they're the best place to be around and hang out with other Mets fans). Lastly, absolutely check out the Museum in the Rotunda. Otherwise, get there early, walk around and have fun...
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