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In a report for, during which he looks at their off-season needs and targets, Jon Heyman writes:

“Reports have suggested the Mets plan to cut from an NL-high $145 million payroll, but even a small reduction might be a tough sell in their second season in Citi Field.  The guess here is the payroll stays about the same. Mets people already are discussing big-name free agent targets - though, of course, that doesn't guarantee they'll actually sign any of the big ones.”

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In his most recent Marchand Minute for 1050 ESPN Radio, Andrew Marchand cites an associate of the Wilpon as saying the only way to get the Mets to spend money this offseason will be public pressure.

…i am not sure what this means… the buzz around new york has long been the Mets will cut payroll this off season, and only spend around $15 million on new acquisitions… i don’t necessarily believe that… i mean, the club has a ton of holes, it is about to conclude a hugely disappointing season, and they will need to sell new ticket plans and ads for next season… and so, while it might sound prudent to cut budget today, i will not believe it until i see it… perhaps that is the public pressure marchand is speaking of… it’s not necessarily a fan uprising, but a looming fear of empty seats in 2010…

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