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Matt Harvey celebrated the today's six-month anniversary of his Tommy John surgery by tweeting a photo of himself giving the middle finger and smiling in the hospital bed the day of his surgery.

The photo was later deleted, as was his Twitter account >> Read more at CBS Sports.

5:15 pm: Harvey told reporters the team asked him to remove the picture. He later decided to delete the account because if he can't show his personality on Twitter he doesn't see the point in having a Twitter account.

I honestly didn't think there was anything wrong with it," Harvey said. "It wasn't about putting attention on myself. It was a funny picture I saw this morning. I was genuinely excited that six months had passed. My mother took the picture when I was going in to surgery. I guess that was my way of saying I was gonna beat the process. If there is one thing I'm sorry for it's not being able to play."

1:55 pm: Harvey was asked by the team to delete his tweet, Mets' PR man Jay Horwitz said. They did not ask him to delete his account, which was Harvey's decision (Martino, April 22).

12:58 pm: Well, that's disappointing. I like following Harvey on Twitter. This was clearly not the smartest thing to do. But, he's also 25 years old and confident, and a professional athlete with a bold personality, so, I'm not sure why this has people surprised and up in arms... The way I understand it, Twitter accounts are the personal property of the player. The team has no control over what and when they write. That said, there has reportedly been tension between the Mets and Harvey, as it pertains to communication and dealing with media. I hope his account is just suspended and he soon finds his way back online. Harvey's awesomeness shouldn't be relegated to occasional, boring updates from Florida.

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