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Last night against the Dodgers, Matt Harvey faced 23 batters in six innings, during which he struck out seven, walked one, gave up three runs and raised his ERA to 1.54.

"You guys know me. In my mind, I sucked. And I have to be better," Harvey lamented to reporters, despite getting credit for a Quality Start. "I'll be mad tonight, but obviously happy about the team win."

In Minnesota, Harvey allowed one run in eight innings. He then asked John Buck out to dinner after the game because he wanted to know, “What could I have done better," according to's Ken Rosenthal.

Buck told Harvey to tone it down and relax rather than 'muscle up in big situations.'

"He’s not satisfied," Buck told Rosenthal. "Some kids may think, ‘I’ve got it all figured out.' He’s very far from that.”

This is my favorite part of Harvey's story: His obsession with and effort to be great... not famous.... not fun... not well paid, necessarily... just great, and from that everything else will fall in to place. It's the right set of priorities.

Yesterday on the MetsBlog Podcast, which you can listen to here, Darryl Hamilton told me that Roger Clemens recently said he sees a bit of himself in Harvey, given Matt's size, delivery, focus and how he pitches with no fear on the insid part of the plate. I may dislike Clemens, but that's high praise from a guy with a serious big-league track record.

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