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According to the Associated Press, MLB union chief Michael Weiner told reporters in Kansas City that interleague rivals will begin playing just three or four (not six) in 2013.

The report indicates the following:

[jbox color="gray"]"Teams in a division will play three games each against teams in another division: for example, the NL East vs. the AL Central. ... Baseball's new labor contract says teams will play up to 20 interleague games a year. .... Because of the two 15-team leagues, two clubs will have to open and close (the season) with interleague games."[/jbox]

Werner explained that the Mets and Yankees could end up playing a four-game series in 2013, with two games at Citi Field immediately followed by two games in the Bronx, unless the NL East is playing the AL East, in which case the two teams would return to playing six times.


[avatar name="cerrone"]Matthew Cerrone: I like this a lot. Look, I try to convince myself that I'm over the regular-season Subway Series, and that it's a fad that has passed, and I know the games don't mean more than any other games, but I totally get excited and in to it when I see those two classic uniforms on the same field. The thing is, it's a bit exhausting to see it all occur, go through all the buzz and debate and arguing with Yankees fans, and then move on, only to get back in to it again with all the same debates and discussion just a few weeks later. That, more than anything, takes away from the overall experience and makes it all feel less unique.

However, by doing it this new way (playing four-straight games in both parks) I think will focus the buzz and rivalry and concentrate the intrigue and make it a fun four-day circus through New York... and then we move on.

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