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In regards to the current outfield situation, Sandy Alderson told ESPN New York's Adam Rubin:

"It's conceivable we'll go with what we have, but we're still looking. ... I wouldn't say that we're satisfied with what we have. But if we don't find what we think is a meaningful upgrade, then it's possible we'll go with what we have. ... I still think there are some players out there, including Scott Hairston, who might be available as free agents. ... A trade is always a possibility, but I wouldn't predict that. Other than that, I can't speculate what will happen. We're not unhappy with the position we're in right now, which is to say: still looking, with viable possibilities remaining."

Speaking generally and not specifically about D-Backs OF Justin Upton, or any other name in the rumor mill, Alderson told Rubin the Mets are not yet in a position to trade their most notable prospects for a higher-priced veteran.

Oh, man, that quote is priceless. It's vague and evasive with total precision. I'm not even sure how it counts as news, considering how little he says, while using 100 words to do it. And that's the thing, even if Alderson came out and said, "We're done," just like he said Jason Bay would be on the Mets this Spring Training, or that his first order of business was trying to keep R.A. Dickey, I'm not even sure I'd believe him. I admire him for this, frankly, because the name of the game should be about wins and losses, not headlines or appeasing reporters and fans. So, whatever, say what you will, don't say it, who cares? Just please field a team I can enjoy watching, and tell us whatever you want along the way... that's fine by me. I'll take wins over words any day...

It's simple: the Mets have fewer Major League outfielders on the roster now than they did at the end of last year, and what they had last year was just terrible. What they have pegged to start on Opening Day are three players - all of whom are left-handed - who are all trying to prove they are worthy of roster spots, let alone everyday jobs. I mean, Lucas Duda and Kirk Nieuwenhuis were demoted to the Minor Leagues last season, and one didn't come back. They all have a lot of work to do in order to reach that point, and they need to hope they can get something out of two of Collin Cowgill, Andrew Brown, or Brian Bixler. That's a lot to ask and, as a fan, it's not acceptable if this is the end result.

To read additional quotes from Alderson, check out Rubin's post here.

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