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WFAN's Mike Francesa said on air Tuesday the Mets made an offer to free-agent SS Stephen Drew (Brender, Feb. 4).

However, a team source quickly denied his report (Ackert, Feb. 4), as did a second source with direct knowledge of the situation (Bradford, Feb. 4).

"They’re fighting over the number of years," Francesa said (WFAN, Feb. 4). "It’s not the money. ... They already offered him the money. It’s a questions of years. ... I think they’re going to sign Drew, I think they’re going to sign him. I really do.”

It was reported late Tuesday that the Red Sox made a two-year offer to Drew (Bowden, Feb. 3). However, according to an on-air report from Peter Gammons, Boston is asking Drew to essentially be a utility infielder, playing shortstop, third and second base.

Gammons later added that he also believes Drew will eventually sign with the Mets.

Well, here we go again: What constitutes an offer? What doesn't? I wonder if Jose Reyes can help us define it...

My understanding is Drew's agent, Scott Boras, has contacted the Mets a number of times this winter. The Mets have almost certainly given Boras an indication of how many years they're willing to commit to Drew. If I had to guess, I'd say the Boras recently went back to Sandy Alderson and informed them of Boston's offer, after which the ball was in Alderson's court.

Is this an offer? Is it a negotiation? Is it one-sided? I don't know. But, it's safe to assume Drew is getting close to wanting to make a move. The Blue Jays, A’s and Twins are also reportedly interested (Martino, Jan. 27, Heyman, Jan. 28). It seems Boras is now working to create a frenzy that will get his client the three- or four-year deal he's seeking since the start of the winter.

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