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The Mets will likely spend for one quality, right-handed hitting, free-agent outfielder, Adam Rubin reports for ESPN New York, citing a team insider.

Though Josh Hamilton and Shane Victorino are not on the team's list, Rubin's source says outfielders such as Ryan Ludwick, Cody Ross and even Angel Pagan should not be ruled out.

Rubin also believes the Mets are looking at other team's back-up catchers that might be non-tendered this week, such as Nationals C Jesus Flores and Brewers C Martin Maldonado.

This is Rubin's second report, with different sources, suggesting it's likely the Mets achieve their needs through free agency rather than trades.

I agree, and disagree. He's probably right, they are more likely to go free agency than trades, but mostly because the only guys they have worth moving (R.A. Dickey and Jon Niese) are not bringing in offers that are worth the move. So, free agency is probably a better overall bang for the buck. And that's fine by me. As I said this morning, "I’d rather they spend new money on low-cost, random bats and see what sticks than move a valuable arm (like Dickey or Niese) to get young hitters who may not help for another two or three years. I’m all for planning for the future, but the Mets also need to be better now… not just tomorrow."

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