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The Mets were not pleased to learn Matt Harvey traveled to Cape Cod to spend time with friends, after requesting asking for a few days off due to knee pain, according to columnist Joel Sherman (NY Post, Aug. 15)

Earlier this week, Terry Collins expressed frustration when learning that Harvey had done a live radio interview with ESPN 98.7 FM during his team's game against the Nationals on Wednesday night. Earlier that day, Collins and Sandy Alderson learned Harvey ignored their request to slow down his rehab, despite a phone call the day before, after which returned to the mound in St. Lucie for his scheduled bullpen session.

Collins said Thursday that he again talked to Harvey by phone, 1) to let him know he should not be doing phone interviews during games because it "looks bad," writes Sherman, and 2) to tell him he will not pitch in a game during 2014.

"You have got to understand the big picture, and the big picture is 2015," Collins said he told Harvey. "So, back off."

According to Sherman, "the Mets describe two Harveys," one that is focused and cooperative on field, but another that is trying to out-Manzieling Johnny Manziel in the public and on social media.

In other words, Sherman says, "Mets officials have mainly mastered the eye roll when it comes to Harvey's behavior."

Matthew Cerrone: I’m torn on this Harvey situation... I can’t apologize for thinking Harvey is awesome. I love that he’s bold, aggressive and focused on being the best player in baseball, all while doing it with a little flash. ... At the same time, it would be totally devastating and demoralizing if he injured himself and had to sit out another season >> Read more from yesterday...

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