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The Mets' home-field home run rate has skyrocketed lately. Curtis Granderson's home run on Tuesday night marked the eighth straight home game in which a member of the team has hit one out (Newsday, July 8).

In a park that's already seen its fences moved in once, there are a few possible reasons for this rising home run rate: Hitting coach Dave Hudgens was fired on May 26, and Lamar Johnson has been at the hitting helm since. Plus, it's been warmer out, and the ball carries further.

The players attributed it to a mix of explanations.

"I think a lot of it is the weather," David Wright said, whose Monday night home run was his first at Citi Field since May 28. "I think Lamar has done a fantastic job and been put in a tough situation with not knowing a lot of these hitters. To be thrust into that situation and go through a period where he's trying to learn guys' swings, he's done a very nice job."

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