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The Mets intend to turn over the roster, mostly through trades, according to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, who adds:

Last week, the Daily News said next year’s payroll will likely be just north of $90 million, which is similar to what Rubin reported a month earlier.

I'm not surprised the Mets intend to let Rauch and Ramirez walk. Rauch was solid for most of the year but had knee and elbow issues all while earning $3.5 million. Ramirez was absolutely awful all while earning $2.65 million - the Mets just didn't get the value they were expecting overall from them.

As far as Parnell is concerned, I am skeptical about him. He had a great season, but struggled in higher leverage situations. I am also concerned about whether or not he can be consistent again next season, Given he is eligible for arbitration for the first time this winter, he will earn substantially more than the $500,000 or so he had been earning. While that might not seem significant, Sandy has stated his window to increase payroll is small this winter, and so it might prove to be significant in the grand scheme of things when looking to improve at other positions. It might be wise to deal him while his value is high right now...

Over the latter part of the season, the Mets added some internal arms in the bullpen who, while they are all hard throwers and still very raw, have performed reasonably well, and certainly better than the guys before them. It’s not to say all of  them are answers for the bullpen, and the Mets need to find some solid veteran leadership for the bullpen this winter. But they might be able to make some smaller investments in the bullpen all while exceeding the value they got from the $6.15 million they paid both Rauch and Ramirez, and give opportunities to Edgin, Carson Jenrry Mejia and Jeurys Familia (assuming one or both of the latter aren't traded). That strategy could allow them to shift their focus to other areas of the team (like outfielders and catchers).

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