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According to Media Goon at, the Mets have sent season ticket holders an invoice with an opportunity to purchase All-Star Week tickets at Citi Field.

Media Goon says his seat in the Promenade Reserved will cost $723, which includes tickets to the Celebrity Softball Game and Futures Game, Home Run Derby, FanFest at the Javits Center, the All-Star Game, and a program.

Major League Baseball and the host team sets the prices for these tickets, and they are never cheap. It's not to say that price for that seat isn't outrageous - it is. But it's one of the game's premiere events and there's both a huge premium and demand for these tickets. For your reference, in 2007, I paid $262 for a strip of Standing Room Only tickets for the All-Star Game in San Francisco.

Personally, I can’t wait for this year's All-Star Game. It's the ultimate baseball party, and the Home Run Derby is especially fun to watch. The derby should be very interesting and fun to see with the new seats in left field at Citi Field – I can certainly see fans jamming into that seating area and fighting over homers. I always hoped it would have been hosted at Shea Stadium, especially before it closed down. I know, it didn’t have the luster of some of the other ballparks, but it had it’s own unique place in baseball history and I would have loved to have witness one, with a sold out Shea, and that unique roar of the crowd. Better late than never, I suppose.

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