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Scott Boras clients are not likely to consider the Mets, who do not appear ready to buy from the $100 million-plus free-agent market, Joel Sherman wrote on Friday.

There are revenue reasons, I'm sure, no question. But, also, regardless of budget size and your team's financial situation, I just don't think Sandy Alderson believes in those sort of commitments when building a baseball team. What's more, thanks to some of Omar Minaya's handy work, ownership sounds skeptical of getting bogged down in those sort of deals again. So, I think when you add these three things together (less revenue, Alderson's principals and ownership's fear), you get Sherman's report. It makes sense.

David Wright was a different situation. He was homegrown, proven (in terms of talent and dealing with New York), he earned it, most fans love him already, and it was a mostly safe bet. Shin-Soo ChooJacoby Ellsbury or any starting pitcher could -- so easily -- be the opposite. They might work out, but -- as we learned with Omar Minaya -- if they don't, it can cripple your franchise, especially when you're trying to build a foundation.

That said, I want to believe Alderson and 0wnership will go for the $100-million free agent when they feel they're one or two players away from winning a championship. Personally, I feel that's when you pull the trigger.

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