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Yesterday, ESPN announced their 2012 schedule for Sunday Night Baseball. The Mets were not featured for the first time since 2004.

To compare, last winter, the Mets were only slated for one game in April and May when ESPN released their initial 2011 Sunday Night Baseball schedule. This year, the Mets are slated for none. Meanwhile, the Nationals will air in two games before June 1, while the Phillies and Braves will appear just once. The Marlins are scheduled to appear on Opening Day.

In addition, last year's ESPN press release mentioned David Wright and Jose Reyes by name in the list of 'elite' players worth watching. This year, no Mets are mentioned.

It's worth noting that games after June 1 are typically announced just two to three weeks in advance of the broadcast, which is why they are not mentioned in the initial schedule released yesterday. For instance, ESPN eventually featured the Mets and Giants on July 10 last year, which was not included in the initial winter announcement.


[avatar name="cerrone"]Matthew Cerrone: The larger point still stands, though, which is that ESPN essentially sees the Mets as irrelevant entering 2012. This is significant, considering ESPN often sets the sports discourse in this country. This doesn't mean the Mets can or can't win this year, it doesn't mean they won't eventually be worthy of attention. However, it is another example of the amount of work this organization has ahead of itself as it continues to rebuild it's roster and image... not just locally, but also nationally.

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