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Richard Sandomir of the New York Times says the Mets have received a $160 million cash infusion in a loan against SNY.

Sandomir says the Mets could use the money obtained in the loan to re-pay more debt, and they could use some of that money to spend on talent in the free agent market.

Vince Gennaro, a consultant to several major league teams, suggested to Sandomir the Mets entertain signing OF Michael Bourn, especially if he remains unsigned as Spring Training approaches, which could result in his price dropping.

“They should give serious consideration to investing in the near-term competitiveness of the team,” Gennaro told Sandomir.

Regardless of what is true, what is not, and what is happening behind closed doors, perception remains a huge problem for this organization to overcome. Even though a majority of MetsBlog readers believe the Mets are on the right track, cynicism remains, a fear they will do the wrong thing remains, and this loud anger remains. The Mets need to begin changing this terribly negative perception, tone and conversation about the team and show fans and the game they have the ability and desire to invest in quality talent for the big league roster, especially if they're acquiring resources to allow for that opportunity.

Now, in regards to Bourn, ideally he's a fit and would give the Mets outfield some instant credibility. He does strike out a lot, but he’s become an excellent top of the order catalyst as an outstanding base stealer with triples speed. The Mets don’t have much of that, and it’s something they have desperately needed since both Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan departed after 2011. But, a) he’s left-handed and the Mets need right-handed outfielders, b) they need power in the outfield, c) he’s a Scott Boras client, and there’s no doubt he will try and get someone to overpay for Bourn, and d) even if Bourn would take a short-term deal, he received a qualifying offer from the Braves, and so the team Bourn signs with will have to surrender their first round pick in the 2013 draft. The Mets are clearly aiming for 2014 and beyond, and surrendering first round picks goes against that strategy.

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