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Sandy Alderson told WFAN yesterday that he'd like to acquire another right-handed hitting outfielder "of some quality."

"We know we have holes and we have to address it, and we're working on doing that," he explained.

Alderson has the money to sign Cody Ross or Scott Hairston, but I don't think he wants to give either more than a two-year deal. Frankly, he'd probably prefer it be a one-year deal, but there is enough demand for these two players (including the Yankees) that I think they'll get at least two years, maybe even three years if demand picks up. In either case, I don't expect Ross or Hairston to sign a new deal until Nick Swisher inks his, unless of course a team gets antsy and overpays.

In regards to trades, I still think Jacoby Ellsbury can be had, but I've been totally unable to understand what it might cost to get him. One day he's seemingly out the door so the Sox can re-sign Ross; the next day it seems he's going no place and needed in Boston; I've heard teams really like him; but I've also heard teams are scared off by knowing he's a free agent in a year and Scott Boras is his agent. So, who knows?

The Dodgers will listen to offers for Andre Ethier, but (like the Marlins with Giancarlo Stanton, and the Rockies with Carlos Gonzalez) it will cost you three or four of your best prospects. The consensus in baseball seems to be that these three guys are far more likely to get traded during the regular season than in the off season, assuming they get traded at all.

The two trade targets that seem to make the most sense, because I think they can be had for reasonable deals built around mid- to upper-level prospects, are Twins OF Josh Willingham and D'Backs OF Jason Kubel. Willingham is probably the better player, but he'll cost more in trade, and I'm not sure Minnesota is even open to trading him now that they've moved Denard Span. However, Kubel can be had and, though he's a terrible defensive outfielder, he'd add power to the lineup. Plus, I like that he's making just $8 million this season with a $7.5 million option for 2014.

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