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According to David Lennon of Newsday, "The Mets plan on revealing changes to Citi Field very shortly, but will probably have to wait until after World Series now."

Lennon says to expect the left-field wall to be 'shortened and pulled in,' the right-center bullpen fences to be 'pulled in,' and Mo Zone 'fenced off.'

The last day of the season, while broadcasting from Citi Field, WFAN’s Mike Francesa reported ALL fences in the outfield will be 8 feet tall next year. Also, he said both foul poles will remain exactly where they are, but the walls in center and by the Mo Zone in right field will be 390 feet.


[avatar name="cerrone"]I still think the lack of substantial hitters is the reason for the team's lack of substantial offensive statistics. It's unrealistic to expect to be among the top teams in run production when you have rookies and bench players so often occupying the heart of your order. Nevertheless, I do agree with Sandy Alderson when he says the ballpark should be ‘fair,’ and these changes will obviously help that.


Lifelong Mets fan Tyler Armstrong of BedinWall Media created the following mock up to show what the ballpark might look like if the above changes are made:


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