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This afternoon at the Winter Meetings,'s Ken Rosenthal talked with SNY.TV's Robert Brender about Sandy Alderson's off-season strategy, the team's payroll constraints, and the reported signing of free agent OF Curtis Granderson.

Brender: Do you get a sense of what direction Sandy Alderson is going in this week?

Rosenthal: “Actually, no. A starting pitcher would be good. Or a veteran starting pitcher. But, at the same time, I think they’re pretty much open to anything. Bullpen, obviously. All teams are looking for bullpen. And, something is going to happen on the infield on the right side. I don’t know what it’s going to be. I would not expect Murphy, Duda and Davis to all be on the same team next season.”

Brender: Do you still think the Mets will add another outfielder?

Rosenthal: “Certainly that would be a possibility. I would be interested in seeing how Chris Young plays next year. Now, he isn’t a great player. Nobody should confuse him with a great player. But, he had to accept a part-time role for the first time last year with Oakland. Clearly, it wasn’t easy for him, as it wouldn’t be easy for most players. I don’t expect him to get 600 plate appearances this year, but it’s one year of this being behind him, so he might be accustomed to it. So, I would expect he would be better than he was last year. He’s not going to be a high average guy or a low strikeout guy. But, he can do some things - he has some power. I think he will be a useful addition for them."

To listen to the rest of the Brender's talk with Rosenthal, click the play button below:

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