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Last week, MetsBlog's Meredith Perri talked with Kevin Plawecki, the Mets' first round supplemental pick in the 2012 first-year player draft.

The catcher, who has played for the Brooklyn Cyclones this season, discussed his first professional season, his increased strike out rate and the Cyclones' hopes to make the playoffs.

Plawecki went 3-for-4 in the Cyclones' win Monday night as the Cyclones defeated the Lowell Spinners. Brooklyn now needs just one more win to make it to the playoffs for the fourth straight year.

[sny-box]Meredith Perri: How would you summarize your season with the Cyclones?

Kevin Plawecki: It’s been great. It was obviously a huge learning experience for me. Coming from college to pro ball has obviously been a little bit of a transition, but a good one. It’s been a great group of guys to spend it with, and a good coaching staff to work with. Hopefully we can finish strong here and make a playoff run.

Meredith Perri: You mentioned the transition from college to pro ball, what are some of those differences, and how have you adapted to them?

Kevin Plawecki: Just getting used to my pitchers. Being a catcher, I have to get used to the new pitching staff – what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are. Just staying consistent at the plate, I’ve struggled a little bit, but just try to stay consistent with things and make little adjustments here and there.

Meredith Perri: Being from Indiana, how big of a change is it coming to New York and living here?

Kevin Plawecki: Quite a bit because, honestly. Indiana is nothing like the big city life. I really like it, I’ve really enjoyed it up to this point. New York has been a great city to be in this whole summer. I know some other guys playing pro ball that are stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do, so at least we have a big city to go to on our off days and that obviously gives us a few good views to look at on the drives out and into the stadiums.

Meredith Perri: You were drafted after finishing out your junior year at Purdue, is it weird for you to see and hear about your friends going back to school while you're in New York?

Kevin Plawecki: It definitely is a little weird. Classes started, and it’s different not to be there. But this is my job now, so I’m looking forward to it, and I’ve really had a good time with it . So I’m just trying to finish strong here, and I’ll be back with everybody before I know it. But it definitely is very weird though.

Meredith Perri: One of the things you were known for going into the draft was your low strike out rate. I noticed that you have struck out more since joining the Cyclones. Is that just part of your transition and getting used to different pitching, or do you accredit it to something else?

Kevin Plawecki: I struck out a lot more than I would have liked recently. Just swinging at bad pitches… I really don’t have an answer for it. I’ve had a few people question that as well, but I don’t have an answer for it. This is obviously not Big Ten baseball and I’m facing a lot better guys here. I’m not trying to do anything different and I’m definitely not happy about it but it is what it is. You just got to take it with a grain of salt and kind of learn from it.

Meredith Perri: What are you hoping to accomplish as this season comes to an end?

Kevin Plawecki: Win. We got to win here and finish the season strong. We’ve been here all summer and there’s no reason for us not to make a playoff run. If we’re gonna put this much time at this point in the season, we might as well make a run for it. [/sny-box]

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