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The Right-Track, Wrong-Track number is surprising to me. I mean, the basic idea is simple, which is to determine whether MetsBlog readers feel confident with the direction this franchise is heading. However, the basis for each voter's vote is more or less up to them. Historically, I always pushed voters to think long term, less about today or yesterday, and to consider the farm system, who is making decisions, the current roster, resources, and what the future holds. But, that's not a requirement, and this poll, which I've been running since 2004, has always sort of reflected the current sentiment.

That said, despite the team losing more games each of the last three seasons; payroll dropping; saying goodbye to Cy Young Award winner and a batting champion; and having no outfield; the last poll showed 72% of 4,000 voters think the Mets are on the Right Track.

Of course, I voted Right Track, so I shouldn't be surprised. But, I'm always criticized by readers for being overly optimistic, so I naturally assume I'm in the minority. Clearly, that is not the case.

Now, if you read the Comment Section here, you would think every Mets fan is pessimistic and zero would vote like me. However, survey after survey shows that just 10% or so of this site's overall readership actually post comments. So, the general sentiment in comments here is probably not indicative of the overall fanbase, just like Twitter isn't indicative of it, just like limiting to online fans is probably not a reflection of offline fans.

In other words, I'm not really sure of the point of this post, other than to acknowledge my surprise that the overwhelming majority of the thousands of people voting are seemingly as confident about the future as I am, which is a credit to Sandy Alderson. Perhaps you think he's pulling the wool over our eyes, or maybe you have total faith in his reputation and plan, or maybe you're in the middle, but giving him the benefit of the doubt... that's up to you. But, either way, at least as far as voters go, it's working... for now.

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