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In a must read report for the New York Times, David Waldstein says Mike Piazza admits to using androstenedione, but not steroids in his upcoming memoir.

According to Waldstein, Piazza also admits to using amphetamines before they were banned in 2006, and looked into the possibility of using Human Growth Hormone with the Mets, unaware it was a banned substance.

Waldstein says Fred Hina, a former Mets trainer, advised Piazza not to use HGH.

“It shouldn’t be assumed that every big hitter of the generation used steroids,” Piazza says in the book, according to Waldstein. “I didn’t.”

Piazza expressed disappointment to Waldstein he wasn't elected to the Hall of Fame this year.

“I won’t deny there is some disappointment, but I understand it’s a process,” Piazza told Waldstein. “All things considered, I got over 50 percent, and a lot of people were very supportive. I mean, there’s what, almost 600 voters? That’s a lot."

Piazza appeared on 57.8 percent of the Hall of Fame ballots - he needed to appear on 75 percent of the ballot to get elected.

I'm really looking forward to Piazza's book. He was always a very guarded, quiet, and private personality, and I am curious to learn more about a player I idolized for nearly a decade in Flushing.

As far as PED's are concerned, I'm sick of hearing people speculate and condemn players like Piazza over the possibility they used steroids, banned substances, and so on. The debate should be whether or not Piazza’s talent combined with production warrant election to the Hall of Fame, and if there’s evidence of PED use, that can (and should) be taken into account. Suspicion and belief shouldn’t be enough to impact a decision to vote for a player or not, and in Piazza’s case, that’s all it is: suspicion. No matter what he says in the book, the speculation will always be there, and that really isn't fair. Hopefully he at least has momentum working in his favor so to get elected to the Hall of Fame soon. He is the very definition of a Hall of Famer, and he deserves to be enshrined in Cooperstown.

Piazza's book, titled, "Long Shot," will be available starting February 12.

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