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Mike Piazza recently joined the MLB Network to talk about his new book, Long Shot...

In the interview, Piazza had the following to say about:

PEDs, and if he ever used them...

My histories of denial are documented all the way back to 1997, so I didn’t think that was news coming into it. ... Most of the stuff that I documented was pretty much through the training room, through the trainers. One of the things was Vioxx, which is a very strong anti-inflammatory, that was banned because it was one of those things that could cause heart attacks and things like that. I just really wanted to paint a picture that drugs, unfortunately, [are] part of sports. Obviously, it’s part of the training room. Sometimes you have to do those things, [like] Cortisone, to get out on the field. I just merely wanted to kind of draw a comparison to [how], sometimes, guys blurred the line. As far as andro for me, it was just a supplement that came in a pack that I bought. Once I started realizing that it was being discouraged, then I stopped it.”

The Hall of Fame vote, and if he was disappointed that he did not get in:

"I was a little disappointed, sure. I can’t lie about that. But with that, I got so much positive support. To keep it in historical perspective as well, there were a lot of great players that didn’t get [in] on the first ballot…I’m very proud of my career. If you look at my entire body of work, I’d put it up against any catcher that’s played the position. As far as the controversy, it’s frustrating for me because I hate that it happened to the game.”

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