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While most of the focus is on Major League Spring Training, beginning this weekend, the first of hundreds of Mets minor leaguers will officially populate the back fields of Port St. Lucie.

Minor leaguers who are on the Mets' 40-man roster, or were invited to Major League Spring Training as NRI are already officially in Port St. Lucie of course.

Key DatesFebruary 22 - Early Camp Pitchers & Catchers

February 26 - Early Camp Position Players

February 28 - All Staff

March 1 - Pitchers and Catchers

March 5 - Position Players

Note: almost all of the starters on full-season rosters will be in the "Early Camp." Last year, for example, among pitchers were were invited to STEP Camp among healthy pitches, only Miller Diaz did not break Spring Training on a full-season roster.


Game Schedule

Early CampMon, 3/11 - Early Camp @ WAS

Tue, 3/12 - Early Camp v. HOU

Wed, 3/13 - Camp Day

All.                                AAA/AA                               AThu, 3/14                   @ MIA                                vs. MIA

Fri, 3/15                                   Camp Day

Sat, 3/16                    @ STL                                 vs. STL

Sun, 3/17                   @ MIA                                 vs. MIA

Mon, 3/18                 vs. STL                                 @ STL

Tue, 3/19                                  Camp Day

Wed, 3/20                vs. MIA                               @ MIA

Thu, 3/21                  @ STL                                  vs. STL

Fri, 3/22                   @ MIA                                 vs. MIA

Sat, 3/23                                 Camp Day

Sun, 3/24                vs. STL                                @ STL

Mon, 3/25               vs. WAS                               Camp Day

Tue, 3/26                vs. MIA                                 @ MIA

Wed, 3/27              @ STL                                   vs. STL

Thu, 3/28               vs. MIA                                  @ MIA

Fri, 3/29                                     Camp Day

That's 12 games for the AA and AAA working groups and 11 for both a-ball groups. Of the 12 games for AA and AAA, they'll see the Marlins six times, the Cardinals five and Washington once. The two a-ball groups face the Cardinals and the Marlins the same amount, but miss the Nationals.

Often players play up a level in spring training. So, guys who can reasonably expect to break camp in advanced-A will see lots of time with the AA group for example. As April draws closer, and the MLB team dispatches players who are not going to make the team, filling out the double-A and triple-A rosters, this happens less.


Sat/Sun 3/30-3/31 - Travel Days

Thu, April 3 - OPENING DAY

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