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Update, 4:00 pm:

as people have pointed out to me on e-mail, the Mets did not have a legit number one

pick, nor a sandwich pick, thus lowering the amount of money they’d likely have spent…

…plus, the number is for just seven picks… so, to compare to a team like the Nationals, who had the top pick in the draft, plus additional players to sign, is unfair…

…excellent point, guys… thank you nice catch...

Original Post:

According to Baseball America, the Mets spent the least amount of money on top draft picks of any team in the major leagues, totaling $1.9 million on seven players.

thanks to D Ross Baker for the link

In terms of team’s from the NL East, the Nationals spent the most, followed by the Marlins, Braves, Phillies and Mets.

…i am not going to pretend to understand what this means, or how this influences the ultimate production of a farm system… especially since this isn't for the entire draft, just top picks... that said, for a team whose minor league system is always be questioned in the media, and is ranked middle-of-the-pack by Baseball America, you’d think the team would at least spend middle-of-the-road money

For what it’s worth, the Yankees spent $4.7 million on eight players.

by the way, i’ve been at Citi Field all afternoon, filming a segment for SNY and Verizon, and word is the team’s top pick from this season, Stephen Matz, is in the house and could speak with reporters later tonight… where, i am sure, he will get tackled with questions about being a Mets fan from Long Island, as he should

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