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In a recent chat at Baseball Prospectus, columnist Steven Goldman was asked if the Mets possess enough young talent to trade for a top-flight starting pitcher, to which Goldman responded…

“I suspect one of [Lastings Milledge, Fernando Martinez, and Carlos Gomez] will go, but I'm not sure how much value they'll bring.  Martinez is a heck of a prospect, but he's far away and had an injury year.  Gomez is a pinch-runner.  He's never going to hit well enough to play…Milledge has promise, but the Mets need him.”

…it all depends on the level of pitcher that is being targeted…if i’m comfortable trading gomez, as i am, it suggests that he is not as valuable as i would like to think he is…i also think it could be too early to trade fernando, because it’s hard to gauge what he is all about yet…i like milledge, and i want him to succeed in new york, and i believe he is a winner and has a bright future, but if he can be traded in a package for a top, young, hard-throwing starting pitcher, then milledge has to go…but, he can only go in a deal for a no-brainer acquisition

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