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I've lost track of the number of closed door meetings held by Mets affiliates this year.  The Bisons have had theirs, the B-Mets have had at least three, and now the Cyclones are the latest.   After a 16-2 start, the Cyclones are just 2-7 in their last nine games while getting outscored 36-22 over that stretch.  In the season's opening 18 games, the Cyclones scored 5.7 (103/18) runs a game and allowed just 2.3 (42/18).  In their last nine, Brooklyn has scored 2.4 runs per contest and allowed four.

Manager Pedro Lopez told the Brooklyn Paper that the meeting's purpose was to tell the players that:

“We turn it around now.”
“We are trying too hard right now,” Lopez said of his players. “We started the season 16-2 for a reason ...”
Luck?  Misinterpretation of small sample sizes? Lopez explains that the cure for "pressing" is to "step up."
“At times, these guys are pressing instead of doing what we were doing at the beginning of the season....I understand that this franchise is important for this organization, but I want those guys to step up and play baseball.”
Just let me know when a team meeting in baseball delivers results.  Until then, I'm going to focus on what happens on the field, where the Cyclones have a punchless offense, and not in the clubhouse.  By way, meager offenses are common throughout the system right now.

Hattip to Robert Z. for the link.

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