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At foxsports, Ken Rosenthal argues that the Mets should not put Jenrry Mejia in the big leagues right away. 
....there is growing sentiment within the Mets' organization that Mejia should make the team as a reliever....

Such insanity is acceptable only when a player is so gifted, he can simply bypass the game's normal ladder of progression. Mejia ... actually might be that good.

Rosenthal quotes David Wright, Jason Bay, Alex Cora, K-Rod and Rod Barajas, all of whom have ahem, zero say in whether Mejia breaks camp with the big club, and Dan Warthen who will have some voice. 

I'm not sure what's wrong with Parnell and Igarashin in front of Rodriguez at all. 

Also, with Reyes and Beltran out to start the season, I view the Mets as longshots now to make the playoffs.  Thus, sacrificing any of Mejia's potential development for a present that might not even exist seems to me, to get more foolhardy by the day.  I've evolved on this to become more against Mejia breaking camp with the big league team.  

All you need to know from that Rosenthal story is this Barajas quote:
He definitely still has some work to do. His secondary pitches - the curveball and changeup - he has struggled with the curveball in camp so far. We've been trying to work on it in games. He just hasn't gotten that feel for it.

"You'd like to get him more seasoning down there, make him use those pitches. I think he could get major-league hitters out on a regular basis. With that fastball, he definitely can have success. But the second and third time he faces clubs, if they can just sit on one pitch, it's going to be tough for him."

So, even Mejia's own catcher thinks he'll have trouble in the big leagues if pushed there already, because as we've repeated over and over again, he doesn't yet have the secondary pitches to really work batters.  I think this speaks for itself. 

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