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I've seen the tweets and e-mails, I've heard from sources, talked with experts, and here's my take about where things stand with the Mets and free-agent OF Curtis Granderson...

Granderson let the Mets know early that he would like to stay in New York. The Mets are very interested, mostly because he has consistent power and has thrived in this media market. My sense is that the two sides see eye to eye and may be mostly negotiating over whether or not the fourth year is guaranteed.

If I had to make an educated guess, I'd say Sandy Alderson is trying to trade a guaranteed fourth year for a lower rate during the deal's first season, say $9 million in 2014, followed by $15 million (or so) each year after that. If not, he'd rather spread it out evenly over a three-year deal and maybe concede a fourth-year option. Again, that's an educated guess based on what I've heard about his previous negotiations with other free agents.

The Red Sox and White Sox had shown interest in Granderson, but most people I talk with say he's not a top priority for them these days. I suppose Jacoby Ellsbury signing with the Yankees could change that. However, even if it does, there is no evidence to suggest these teams will offer more than Alderson. Of course, anything is possible in Boston...

In short, if a team with a better chance to win in 2014 steps up to offer Granderson a four- or five-year deal, I assume he'll take it and I don't see Alderson trying to top it. Otherwise, short of another team going wild, I think the Mets are in good position.

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