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New Mets hitting coach, Lamar Johnson, said Sandy Alderson's hitting philosophy is working very well in the minor leagues.

“We’ve got guys now that are really being a lot more patient," he told reporters at Citi Field. "We’re scoring more runs, our on-base percentage went up the last two or three years, so everything has been working out pretty good."

Johnson, who was made hitting coach Tuesday, was in his 11th season with the Mets and was most recently serving as their minor-league hitting coordinator, predating Sandy Alderson as the team's GM.

“We’ve got talent here,” he said. “I’ve seen some of these guys have some pretty good offensive years, so I know it’s there. I’m just here to try to help those guys get back to where they were and be a little bit more consistent.”

I get the sense from players that Dave Hudgens may have been overwhelming them with information, making them hesitant or less confident in certain situations. It's like, if you're told you're doing X-Y-Z at home, it may be a sort-of self-fulfilling prophecy, making them further do X-Y-Z at home. I have no idea if that's true or not, it's psychological, but so much of hitting is about confidence and feeling good at the plate. So, if changing that up, going with a guy who is more raw, more natural, more old school, maybe that helps get their bats going again.

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