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The Braves have claimed Ruben Gotay off waivers.

According to a team press release, Gotay will be on Atlanta’s 25–man roster.

no pressure, Fernando Tatisno pressure

…this is disappointing, especially since - the whole reason behind tatis making the team instead - is because tatis is a better hitter against left-handed pitching and is more versatile…whatever…i’m not so sure tatis can hit lefties, as much as he can stand in the box against lefties…i’ll believe he can hit them when i see it…also, versatile…really…hey, i can play outfield too…it doesn’t mean i can play it well, but i can stand out there and run after the ball…so, to call tatis versatile may be a slight stretch…

…i’m probably just annoyed that it’s the Braves, actually…ughif he turns in to the next Melvin Mora, so help me

In similar, but different news, Steven Register was returned to the Colorado Rockies, and Anderson Hernandez was optioned back to Triple-A New Orleans.

…according to multiple reports, and logic, the Mets had been trying to work out a trade with the Rockies so they could keep register…i suppose it could still happen, but it doesn’t seem likely

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