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Update, 9:58 am, by Michael Baron:

Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post Dispatch says the Cardinals offer to Matt Holliday does not average $18 million per season, which is what Holliday rejected from the Rockies in 2008.

In addition, Strauss says the Cardinals will try and be creative in that they will offer a series of options, and possibly an opt-out clause in the contract and while the Cardinals expect to hear from Holliday's agent, Scott Boras, this week, there are no hard deadlines in the negotiations. i've been saying, i prefer Holliday over Jason Bay, but these are the kinds of things i don't want to see included in such a deal with the Mets...of course, this is how Boras rolls, but these kinds of negotiations seem to be part of the reason why the Mets are angling towards Bay at the moment, besides the fact they think he is a better fit for Citi Field...

Original Post, by Matthew Cerrone:

Cardinals GM John John Mozeliak told ESPN St. Louis today that he has made an official offer to free-agent OF Matt Holliday, and expects to hear back from Scott Boras this weekend.

well, it’s official, things are happening

Updated at 2:36 pm:

…there has been a lot of talk about the Mets preferring free-agent OF Jason Bay, who they made a four-year, $60 million offer to yesterday, according to multiple reports… i think they might be correct, at each player’s respective price points… in other words, if holliday is seeking an eight-year deal, and he is, while bay is willing to accept four or five, then, yes, the Mets prefer bay… and i don’t blame them…

…also, according to people connected to the team, bay’s deal from the Mets is likely to be back-loaded… so, i’m guessing, say, $10 million next season, followed by roughly $17 million each of the final three seasons…

…from what i can gather, a) the Mets feel bay’s swing and results will translate well in Citi Field, b) with Carlos Beltran in center field and directing traffic, bay’s defense will be more than fine, and roughly the same as holliday, and c) he is tested in a big market, Boston, and in big, post-season series… like someone said, he has been forced to face a 20–reporter scrum, following a bad day, in a big game, and never lost his cool… this is not to say holliday can’t do this, but bay already has

personally, i think  holliday is the better all-around player, not just at the plate, but in the field, on the bases and i like that he wants to be a star, i like that he is seeking notoriety, because i feel the Mets could use a new face to parade around town… i will say this, though, i am concerned about how holliday’s gap-hitting, like David Wright’s, will translate in Citi Field… but, also like wright, i believe holliday is a gifted-enough hitter that he would adjust, just as i think wright is going to be fine next season and beyond as well… according to Mike Francesa on WFAN, the Mets cite data that suggests bay is a better fit to hit in Citi Field… maybe… i mean, bay does pull the ball well… but, holliday, when he hits them, hits no-doubt home runs, which Citi Field will not contain…

…i think what this comes down to, though, is a value set and price points… and, i think the Mets value bay at around four years and $15 million per season… i believe they value holliday around $16 million per year, but do not want to commit beyond four or five years… and so, if holliday is demanding significantly more, and bay is living in reality, the Mets must figure it makes more sense to approach bay than wait for holliday…

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