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The Mets today announced that Tom Seaver, Willie Mays and Mike Piazza, among 45 other former players, will be on hand for this Sunday’s Shea Goodbye post-game, on-field ceremony following the team’s 1 p.m. game against the Marlins.

the buzz from Shea suggests the team will have a cat-walk type entrance set up outside the stadium as players arrive, so fans can take pictures, ask for autographs and welcome in their favorite players…however, i have no idea where such a thing will be set up…i’m thinking some place by the Diamond Club, but i am guessing on that, though once they start setting up it will be fairly obvious fairly early…

…also, it would be nice if the team would dish out more details, such as where fans should set up shop, how early to get there, when will the stadium open, etc

lastly, there is more and more of indication that Dwight Gooden will be in the house…the team is working to get him to go…like i wrote yesterday, this has most everything to do with doc’s apprehension, and very little to do with the team, who would love to have him be part of the celebration…

…my hunch is that the team is being very quiet on this, so not to raise expectations should doc bail at the last minute

speaking of arrivals, if piazza, Robin Ventura and Edgardo Alfonzo all roll up at the same time, i may react like they’re The Beatles…seriously…i loved that team

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