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Roughly one year ago, I approached SportsNet New York (SNY) to talk about how they could potentially benefit from the success of, and how MetsBlog could benefit from being associated with them.

SNY is New York’s newest sports and entertainment television network, and ‘home of the Mets, Jets and all things New York sports.’

Last week, following several month’s worth of phone calls and meetings, and SNY officially agreed to a partnership.

For the most part, according to our agreement, very little will change, in that SNY will have no editorial control - nor will they be able to directly alter how the site looks and feels.  Without that assurance, I never would have entered into this arrangement.

At the same time, I intend to write as it has always been written.  I will continue to appear on SNY programming - giving my opinion on the team and also promoting MetsBlog - and we will work together to create original online-video content that will appear on both of our sites.  Additionally, I will help SNY develop new team-specific blogs for their website.

Furthermore, will have better access to the team, players, and information, which will make for far more original content then ever before.

Like you, my biggest concern had been that SNY will try to alter the site’s voice.  However, and I cannot reiterate this point enough, it is still Matthew Cerrone’s - in every way, shape and form.  From this point forward, though, in addition to writing MetsBlog in the exact same way you have come to trust, I now have better access to the team; better access to video content, and top-of-the-line equipment and producers to help create it; and, most important, you will get better and more original material to read and watch throughout the day. 

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